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Help for Kishu Inu online database


What is Kishu Inu online database?

Kishu Inu online database is an initiative to collect as many Kishu Inu pedigrees and data as possible to give a good view of the breed, show developments in the breed, and help breeders planning their litters and owners discovering the ancestors of their beloved pets.

How to start working with Kishu Inu online database?

You best start working with Kishu Inu online database by browsing the content offered. The important data on Kishu Inu online database is data about our Kishu Inus. You can see the pedigree and detail information for each dog, but you can also find information about the owners or the breeders of the dogs. You can start by either

If you would like to actively contribute to Kishu Inu online database by adding or updating your own dogs or other Kishu Inus you have to register with Kishu Inu online database. You can do so by clicking onto the "Login"-link at the top right and choose "Create an Account" on the Login screen.

What IS supported?

Kishu Inu online database is focused on dogs, their pedigrees and detail information. To be able to get in touch with breeders or owners of dogs, we also offer some management of breeders and owners.

For all users (including anonymous users) we offer the possibilities

For registered users we moreover offer

What IS NOT supported?

There's no kennel management provided by Kishu Inu online database. The kennel information is only stored as simple value in a dog's record. On the dog's update page you can choose from the existing list of kennels (in the textfield type the first letters and you will receive a list to choose from - be patient this may take a while depending on bandwidth and database size) or type in a new kennel name.

Adding a new (not yet stored in Kishu Inu online database) sire or dam to a particular dog from the update screen is not possible; there you can only choose from existing sires and dams. Go to the details page of your dog instead and click onto the "Add Dog"-link there to add a new sire or dam.
Also note, that for choosing an existing sire or dam you have to enter the first three letters of the sire's or dam's registered name whereupon you will receive all sires/dams in the database starting with these letters. Please be aware that retrieving these lists can take some time depending on bandwidth and databasesize. We therefore encourage you to use the "Add Dog"-links on the pedigree of your particular dog.